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Below you can read the latest reviews for our paint by numbers kit. All of these reviews are from verified customers of Masterpiece By Numbers.

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Better than a Therapy Session

I'm really loving this new hobby. While I'm painting it completely clears my mind of all negativity and worry. I just see beauty being transformed with every stroke of the brush.

A night to remember

I absolutely loved painting this one. Lot of dark colors. I started by painting the fire first and then worked out from there. Painting has a lot of detail. Masterpiece has by far the best quality of paintings.

French Country Cafe
ROdney Reeves
Our First Date

Painting turned out beautiful. Our friends just purchased a new home in Florida and wants this one to hang in there Dining room.
They made me proud to display my masterpiece. Your painting are done so masterful.
At this time I have completed about 25 of your painting and everyone are beautiful.

Walk To The Sea

Love working on my painting. I was very impressed with the quality of the canvas and paint. Will definitely buy another when I finish this one.

June Flowers
Susan Sharp

I love this painting. It's one of my favorites.

Poinciana On The River
Douglas Culver
Awesome Project

I started this painting last May and really enjoyed it. I think it took me about 150 hours to complete. Most of the painting was done using a magnifying glass. One of my daughters picked it out and will now hang it in her home.

This painting is very detailed and is not something that can be rushed. The colors blend well together to give a nice result. I would suggest ordering the extra paints as I ran out of three different colors. But I seriously enjoyed the project and now move on to others.

Vintage Wine
Rita Russo
I love MPNp

I am on my third painting and am enjoying the results. I feel like I can really accomplish something beautiful. Some of the numbers are really small but using a magnifying glass helps a lot.

Majestic Tiger
Angela McDaniel
Majestic Tiger

Wonderful quality. Painting turned out beautifully.

The Polar Express
Vicki Adams
Polar Express Painting

Beautiful piece of art.

Let Your Dreams Soar
Carol Schultz

I have done a few but this is my first masterpiece and I can say the canvas and paints are so good!

Sreelakshmi Sita Sonty
We adore Paris!

What a joy to work on this piece. My eleven year old daughter and I took some liberties, but we enjoyed the work so much!

Fantastic results!

Painted this beautiful painting of my cat Mel. The dog painting is also from Masterpiece by Numbers. I've ordered 9 custom paintings! They always turn out extremely well. Although they can be very detailed. I prefer to use the detail brushes also sold here.

Relaxing, and beautiful art

I am not quite done with this one yet but I love it. The attention to detail is amazing. I am always in awe of the master pieces I create when painting with Master Piece by Numbers. Painting has help my anxiety. I have 8 more waiting to be done. Keep them coming.

Mountain Train
Mimi James
Great Steam Train !

Everytime I looked for paintings, this one caught my eye. It took me a while to finally purchase it and I am so glad I did. I really like the contrast of the metal against the landscape background and the rust tones of the bridge and rail cars. This came out even better than I expected.

Southern Charm
Paula Lucier
Worth the Wait

This one was sold out the first time I wanted to get it but it was worth the wait. Third one from Masterpiece. Top quality as usual. I do use my own brushes though. The colors and feel of this one are particularly lovely.

Melissa Wu
Awesome Fun!

What fun it was to paint this!! Colors #15 & #7 ran out and it used up every last bit. You can still see the black numbers in the painting lol since I didn’t have enough paint to go over those areas again. Lots of fun and a beautiful picture!!


Thank you MBN for making this original painting of my brother-in-law, Pat, as Santa. Pat has attended several years of Santa school and is such a great Santa! He volunteers at hospitals, parades, Christmas parties and much more. What a fun and challenging picture this was! I’m so excited that it turned out so well…and looks just like him!!!

Tropical Terrace
Jane Butzier
Beautiful colors

Great quality, bright colors. Love it

Susan Geer
Love this new painting

I am about 1/3 of the way through “Bouquet “and I love how it is shaping up. I have an aversion to working with the darker colors(weird,I know) ! So after doing “June Flowers” I was looking for something with lighter colors. The colors on this are beautiful. The only problem with doing these paintings is that they are addictive and it’s all I want to do!

Nice cool winter night scene - Evening Performance

Finished up nice, giving a relaxing winter scene. Made me think about my childhood nights in the Idaho mountains and later in Vermont.


So beautiful!! Before and after pics to show you how small the spaces are. Not too small and easy to see. More than enough paint to complete the entire painting too. I appreciate that while extra paint is available, I’ve never needed it since this company does mot skimp on paint! Have fun!

Blue Eyes
Judy Hiland
Blue Eyes is Majestic

I painted Blue Eyes for my daughter and will give it to her for Christmas. The whiskers were challenging but in the end I am pleased with it. If I were to give it a difficulty score, I would give it a 5 out of 10.

Italian Village Harbor
Patricia Benvenga
Italian Village Habor

Another favorite. This also turned out great !

French Country Cafe
Patricia Benvenga
Drenching Country Cafe

Best one yet , beautiful colors . This turned out better than I expected.

grandchildren and greatgrandchild

very impressed with the outcome great respect to the artist who did this painting. Verified Reviews Badge
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