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Below you can read the latest reviews for our paint by numbers kit. All of these reviews are from verified customers of Masterpiece By Numbers.

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Second Painting- Dolphins look great!

This was my second painting from this company. Like the finished product just a bit disappointed with a small part and learning as I go. The palm trees in the upper left corner don’t much look the the picture, so guess you have to take some creative liberty to make them look like trees also there were no shades of green for the smaller tree, so that one looks a little confusing. I like the paint, but the outcome of these kits are missing some of the detail to really complete a good replica of the picture. Going to try another and see how it comes together.

Really enjoying this hobby.

Snow Day

Beautiful painting ! Never a doubt with this paint company , you have out done yourselves. I enjoyed painting this one. The only Challenge I had was the white would not cover to well. I had to give a second coat. Besides I am off to another painting.

Night Palms

Another beautiful canvas from this company! Always quality products and fast shipping. Especially love this artist.


My painting looks a little darker than the picture. However, I absolutely love it!!! Painting this picture is like putting together a jigsaw puzzle. Once I got started on it, I couldn't stop! I just had to finish it. But, it is not as easy as it appears. If you want your painting to really look like the masterpiece, you must really be focused and take your time. I found myself touching some areas up for it to look perfect!! This is so much fun and relaxing!! I should have done this sooner!

Beautiful Colors

What a beautiful painting this is. I loved all the bright colors that it came with and was so fun to do. Thank you for making some beautiful PBN’s!!

Beautiful Fishing Boats Scene

This was a wonderful scene to paint. It was so colorful and full of details. Took awhile to do. I like the more complex ones. Masterpiece Paint By Numbers have been the best company for consist quality. I have bought and done over a dozen of diffrent companies, but I don't think I will be buying from other companies in the future.
The custom painting from MPBN's is also better than other companies.
I thoughly enjoyed this painting.


This picture is beautiful ! Our dog Glory looks like she's coming out of the canvas . MBN you have done a fantastic job again . Will definitely be ordering more custom pictures . Thank you for your perfection ...

Majestic Tiger

Great Company - loved painting this can't wait to order again


Very enjoyable to recreate this portrait...received many compliments

Thank you MBN for these great Surfing Dolphins

It is my first painting ever. Beautiful colors, canvas straight and the pattern was so easy to fill, with just a little bit of patience. After finishing it, I was so surprised by the result! It warms my heart every time I look at it. Thank you Masterpiece by Number for your work!

Fun and memories

Good fun and really cool diner scene.
Did a few changes to the shadings and brightened up the sky.


Awesome enjoyed it immensely.
Building has gorgeous shading.

First ever PBN

Most impressed with the quality of customer service, shipping, canvas and paints!!!
Working on #2 now:-)
Great company!

Quiet time in the afternoon

Enjoyed painting this one. Have it framed and hanging in our guest room!

Porch by the beach

I loved painting this picture. Plants were a little disappointing. Gave this to my sister as a gift. She loves it! Would recommend this!

I never did anything like this before but with shut downs due to covid I thought I would try it. I'm glad I took the chance because it was really enjoyable and it turned out great. I framed it and gave it to my mom. I'm working on my second one called June Flowers. This one is more difficult because it has more detail and I had to use my magnifying glass. Also for the June Flowers painting I would recommend purchasing the extra paint set they offer.

Hidden Depths

Beautiful picture! Happy with this whole picture. I did however alter a couple thing's. I received many compliments on this picture.

Loved this!

I really enjoyed working on this painting. Doing a paint by numbers kit from one of my favorite pictures made it all the more special. I was enjoying myself so much and relaxing that I didn’t even know four hours would go by. I will do this again with other pictures as well. I’ve gotten a lot of compliments on the finished project. Great idea!

Loved this painting.

I just finished and framed it at Hobby Lobby. One of my favorites.

Great Products

So pleased with everything. The paints, canvas and shipping is the best I’ve ever ordered. Tanks a bunch MBN! 🇨🇦

Lionel the Leopard

I found Lionel to be rather a challenge but now it’s finished I’m so pleased with the results. This is my second MPN and I think they are exceptional in quality and detail. Four more awaiting completion! Totally hooked on these fabulous paintings xx

Pretty picture

Turned out great, I've had lots of complement ,I'm ready for my next one

My first MasterPiece By Numbers TMS-1066

This piece has the Eiffel Tower in background which inspired my interest in doing this piece since my daughter and I visited Paris prior to COVID-19. It has been a long time since I actually did paint by numbers. This experience had its learning curve using acrylic paints. As I moved along, I got better with using the paint and brushes and could actually see the MasterPiece come to life. When finished, it’s unbelievable it is a MasterPiece By Number. My second MasterPiece “Irises” arrived this week.

It was by fR the most challenging one i did. Beautiful


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