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That was the best painting I ever did

Mountain Train Paint by Numbers Kit

This scene of a steam locomotive rolling through the mountains was a pleasure to paint. This not being my first paint-by numbers kit. I would like to offer some suggestions. The train and bridge in the foreground, when completed, offered enough detail to blend colors to make it somewhat realistic. On the other hand the trees and mountains in the background not so much. Leaving them with a more robotic feeling then one of realism. I feel this area could have been more realistic, but still being easy to paint. OK with that said not all of the paints covered well. Even after mixing well, some required a second/ third coat to cover the printing underneath. I did find that if I used a more expensive brush it helped the paint cover better. Don't get me wrong everything you get in this kit is better then most and the better painter you are the better results. I am still learning.

Lighthouse and Mallards

I am extremely pleased with your kits. My painting came out looking great. My family is trying to decide who is going to take it home with them. Your packaging of the kits leaves the canvas without wrinkles and this helps considerably. I have purchased from other companies and they have come wrinkled and difficult to work on. I plan on purchasing from you in the future. I am 86 years old and enjoy this hobby. Thank you for your good work. Dolores Selbert

Selfies !

Turned out fantastic! very simple and fun to do...

Can’t stop staring at it!

I made this for my husband to put in his work office. He gets multiple compliments and loves how it bring fun and color into his sight.
Quality item and we are so pleased

So much fun!

I am about 40% done

Country Blessings

My first ever PBN and I loved it! I posted the finished picture on FB and I got rave reviews! I ordered 3 pictures from Masterpiece by numbers and a couple from China.. I got the masterpiece within a week and China ones took a month.. and the China ones didn’t come with the smaller reference PBN so when I was painting the China one it was hard to know what color I just painted ... next time I’ll have to take a picture of the canvas so I’ll be able to look back on numbers!..What a pain!.. I’ll order from masterpiece PBN again👍

Difficult for a first painting.

Love the picture, probably not best for a first painting. Lots of small details. I bought new smaller brushes that helped. I try to do a little each day so it is not so daunting a task.

Majestic Macaws

Loved painting these two beautiful birds. I had to alter some of the reds to a brighter hue but that's what I like about these pbns, you can make it your own. Love the quality and the customer service of your company. The company seems almost like a small business up against the big foreign company. Love to buy from a company that live, employ and give back to their community. Thank you, will be ordering more from you, so far 2 custom and 13 pictures completed.

Guardian Angel

Just completed the Guardian Angel, my first attempt at a Masterpiece by Numbers, very impressed and enjoyed completing it, not to bad for a first try.

Perfect Timing

I purchased this "Country Blessings" Master Piece By Number kit and it has really been a blessing for me! I lost both of my parents within eight months apart and being able to paint has been a great distraction. It has been so much fun! I ordered three different kits and I can hardly wait to start on another one and to order more!

Love it

Came out beautiful


I loved painting this picture. It turn out great.
Everybody said it is beautiful.


I painted Route 66 for dear friends of mine. I enjoyed every minute of doing this one. Took some time as there was very intricate parts in it. The end result was is amazing

Rhode Island red rooster review

This was the first one I painted. Very relaxing. Really enjoyed this.

Mountain train review

Absolutely loved doing this painting.

My Winter Project for 2019-2020

Good quality and I like painting on canvas. My suggestion is that when there is a lot of the same number (color) add more containers of that color.

Eiffel Scene

Painting this canvas was fun. A great way to relax. You have to be focused and patient to do one of theses paint by numbers. I would definitely recommend Masterpiece Paint by Numbers.

Almost done

Coming out great! Can't wait to do others.

Gift for my brother

This one turned out beautiful. Love the colors and I know when my brother receives this he will love it too.


I enjoyed painting this for my husband. He loved it!

Love it!

This was my first Masterpiece by Numbers. Excellent quality and I am amazed how beautiful the finished painting is!


My 1st one but not my last love doing them


Just finished my first ever paint by numbers and Im really pleased with the outcome, I can't wait to get started on my next.

My third picture

Loved doing these there just like the picture I'm addicted

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