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French Country Cafe
Sharon Lipsky
A Romantic Dinner

I’ve finished so many Masterpiece paintings, but this is one of my favorites. The colors were beautiful! Just enough of a challenge to paint. I don’t usually frame a finished painting just go on to the next one; however, I couldn’t resist framing this one.

Southern Charm
David Mawson
Work in progress

I’ve only just started, but I couldn’t resist changing the Stars and Stripes to the Ukrainian flag.

Happy Recurring Customer since the Pandemic

I have truly enjoyed my paint by number since the start of the pandemic and have not stopped. Your Company asked me to do a personal interview last year but I could not connect on my computer but would like to try again. I have sent in personal photographs and would love to show my paintings. Many of these paintings are gifts to family and friends.

Summer Home

I really enjoyed painting the summer home that your company mapped for me.


I thoroughly enjoyed painting the custom PBN you put together for me. This was the house that I grew up in from seven years old. (80 now)
And, those that have seen the painting love it

Great Memories!

This is my first Custom Paint and couldn’t be more pleased with the results. I was in Cost Rica and captured this picture with my cell phone. Was such a joy to paint .
Was so easy to set this image up on line with Masterpiece and when I received the set, the quality of the canvas and the acrylic paints were excellent!


The painting of our grandson and his wife’s cat turned out great. I can’t wait to give it to them for Christmas! This is my 6th painting and my 2nd custom painting. I started doing paint by numbers in 2020 and now I’m hooked!

Picture on canvas was close as possible to picture submitted.
Very professional
This was my 25th painting

MBN - Extra Paint Set
Patricia Malcolm

It’s coming along nicely, the paints are great
So nice and creamy.
I hope to be able to work on it more over the coming weeks ahead
This is a bit different for me as I usually paint out of my head
This is a good test of my skills and I am enjoying it
Simply Patricia


I'm painting this from a photo of my wife's dog.

Cynthia Burton

Absolutely loved painting this picture! I have done several of your paintings and this one was one of the easiest. May be a good one for newbies to see how relaxing they are.

This is my favorite of nine paintings that I have done!

I love this painting! My favorite of mine that I have done. I am having trouble finding another painting to do that I like as much. Please add more! Thank you.


We lost our grandson, Max, last December. The painting is spot on to his picture. The colors are excellent and you couldn’t have captured Max any better. I’ve never been disappointed in the product your company puts out. I will treasure it forever. Thank you.

Country Blessings
Jill LaDuca
Enhanced Our Fall Decor

I absolutely love my completed Country Blessings picture. I framed it and it sits on our mantle in our family room enhancing our fall decorations. It is beautiful and I painted it thank you to Masterpuece By Numbers!!!

Dragons Lair
Martin Sullivan
Very pleased with this one

Wow, a fantastic project, complex but very rewarding and I’m pleased with how The Dragons Lair has turned out..a brilliant kit and I would recommend this to anyone contemplating this challenge..

River Cottage
Ian Titley
River Cottage

I am currently working on this picture, it is very intricate and takes concentration, which I love. It is turning out to be another superb painting from MBN

Quiet Time
Sheree Tubbs
Subtle colors and easy to paint

This is the only picture I've panted so far from my last order of 4. The colors are cool and relaxing. It's a nice scene.

Fierce Dragon

Very pleased with how the Dragon turned out. This was actually the painting that drew me to this company in the first place. However, when I first got the painting I could see that it had a lot of little details. I therefore waited until I had completed several other paintings before starting this one. I'm glad I did. The dragon really looks quite fierce. I also loved how the treasure and skeltons turned out. I would recommend the painting to all, but just know if you really want to paint in the lines like I do, this isn't a painting for the 1st timer. Overall I loved how it turn out!

Painting #17

This painting was challenging because of a lot of small cells. What I enjoy is how nice the scenes look when they’re done. The 10x magnifier I purchased through Amazon also makes it much easier to do these accurately.

Villa Riviera
Don Black
I just started Villa Riviera

I just started this painting a week ago and so far it is turning out to be one of my favorites of the roughly 30 MBN's that I've done. I will write a final review when it is finished.

MBN has the BEST paintings and even better Customer service!

I've been a Masterpiece by Numbers customer for a few years now. I originally purchased several paintings all at once instead of only purchasing them one or two at a time. I love painting these! Any other paint by numbers painting just seems so simple and the picture comes out looking like a paint by numbers painting. These, with a little practice and shading, look like REAL paintings!
Over time, the brushes that come with the paintings started to wear out, so I bought the special brush kit. What a difference those made!
Then, just about a month ago, I opened my 5th or 6th painting to get started on it. Because it's been a couple years since I received it, my paints were all dry! I tried to add water to make them work, but then I realized that was a waste of time! I sent an email to MBN and found out I could order a new paint set specifically for my painting through the website! Ordering was easy and it got here within a few days! The new paints are PERFECT! No need to add water to thin them out!

Thanks MBN! I love your paintings! But I learned my lesson! I'm not ordering another one until I'm done with the ones I have left!

I've included a pic of my current painting that I needed to order new paints for.

Lakeside Retreat
Stephen Dickin
Lakeside Retreat

I enjoyed this paining and even tried a bit of blending on the sandy area. I would have liked to blend the sky but at the moment I think it was a bit too complicated. This Is yet another great painting from MPBN’s.

Comes out wonderful!

This was my first custom PBN, so I wasn’t sure how it would come out. I got the unframed kit (rolled up canvas, paint, and some brushes included), and made sure my picture had good lighting and details that I would feel comfortable painting. Overall very pleased with how it came out!

Antique Shop
Linda Norris

This was my first MBN! I love antiques and antiquing! This was so, so much fun, I've done two! Looking forward to painting the next set I've ordered!

Princess Diana Roses
Thomas Moore
Great challenge great outcome

I had my doubts in the beginning! I questioned colors made phone calls to MPBN, however, i stuck with the process considering this painting was probably my high 40 something painting from MPBN. My patience paid off, slowly I began to see the roses emerging from the canvas and I began to feel what the artist was conveying. In the end everyone is captured as well as myself after framing is complete at the reveal!