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Painting #6

I finished Clifftop Rest today. It seems like the best way to paint broad areas is to use the larger flat brush to cover all but the edges of the space then go back with the smaller brush to complete the edges. I also found that for large convoluted spaces it helps to put small spots or brush strokes of the color like “bread crumbs” to make sure you paint the entire space. In my earlier paintings I missed spots and this helps avoid the problem. I love your products.

Custom engagement canvas

The custom canvas of my daughter and her new fiancé’s engagement photograph was so rewarding to paint. Master Piece By Numbers yet again nailed their print on canvas!
It was such a heartwarming experience as me as a mom to paint my daughter and future daughter in law.
Thank you everyone at MPBN!

Custom Painting

This is my third custom painting and love how it turned out exactly like the picture of my daughter and her dog. Thank You

Venice Canal
John Kettle

Having just returned from a short break in Venice, I was looking forward to painting the Masterpiece by numbers ‘Venice Canal’
Another lovely picture with great colours and detail

Fun, festive project

I loved painting and personalizing these nutcracker figurines!

Flower Market
Cidney Schildan

Loving this one so far! Great detail. Paint is perfect.

Afternoon Drinks
Jessica Hicks
So relaxing

Quality and detail never disappoints! Relaxing hobby, helps with stress. Pop in my earbud, listen to an audiobook , and paint… resulting in a clear mind!

Covered Bridge
Jessica Hicks
Never disappointed

Quality, as always, was amazing!! So many details, fun to paint

Flower Market
Jessica Hicks

Loved all the colors and the details!

Bike and Beach
Cathy S.
Bike and beach

Love my painting. Turned out great! Great way to relax. Plenty of paints and I love the brushes that come with the kits. Thank you!

Dragons Fury
Eileen Kiehl
Love it!

I loved doing this one because it was a challenge! It was fun to watch it come to life. It is very intricate to do, having many shades of similar colors. I wish I had the for thought to do all of the light spaces first, as it would have been easier to double coat without worrying about the darker colors. It is a gift for my son; who at 35 still loves his video games. Figured it can go in his video room.

Book Shop
Royce Burch
Book shop

I was worried this painting would not be as detailed as the original but I think
It turned out great!

Great kit

The paints were all of great quality as well as the canvas. It was a real pleasure to paint

Thoroughly Addicted

This is my third custom painting and I'm addicted now! This is brother William who died of covid last year. It's my sister's favorite picture of him and I'm surprising her for Christmas. I can't say enough good things about Masterpiece by numbers! The quality of the canvas and paints is excellent! I've already started my next painting. Thanks MBN!

Fishing Boats
Linda Martin
Fishing Boats

Quite a challenge but well worth it for the end result. Very enjoyable.

Covered Bridge
William Greninger
Covered Bridge I grew up in New England, it brought back many memories with my grandparents

Difficult,take your time when you will love it

Lake Como
Debbie M
Lake Como pbn

Lake Como pbn, by Sung Kim, was my second paint by numbers kit (framed with stand). I changed the colors of some flowers, but even without that edit, my finished product doesn't really look like the original's a bit duller and blurrier. The details didn't come thru. A few of the lighter colors needed several coats to cover the numbers, but the original paint pots still lasted. And a couple colors were wrong shades... but that's what helped me decide to be creative and use some alternate colors for flowers. Overall happy.

Princess Diana Roses pbn

When I first got covid back in July, I ordered a few paint by numbers kits to keep my mind active thru the physical exhaustion. The Princess Diana Roses pbn, by Albert Williams, was my very first paint by numbers kit (framed with stand). Even with making a few mistakes, primarily while discovering I needed reading glasses, I still thoroughly enjoyed seeing it come together. It's beautiful.

Great addition to Christmas decor!

Loved painting the nutcracker, though I did it in my own colors to match the rest of my holiday decor. Used metallic paints. Impressed with the quality of the brushes provided. Will probably add to the collection at some point.

Let Your Dreams Soar
Heike Grabow
Lovely Masterpiece

This is my first painting from Masterpiece and it did not disappoint. This painting was so much fun and it turned out just beautiful. I really like to thicker canvas and the colors just made it pop. This is currently my favorite painting.

Loved painting London In The Rain, this is my 7th paint by numbers, that I have completed over the last 2 years, this one took me 124 hours, painting approximately 3 hours in the evenings, whilst watching tv. The only addition I added was BigBen didn’t have a time on so I added to it. I have 2 more to do. I have just started Surfing Dolphin’s and have Venice Canal to follow.

Surfing Dolphins
Susan Kelley

I loved doing this picture and it now hangs in our bedroom!

Butterfly Mountain
Susan Kelley
Summer meadow

Love the picture definitely not for beginners

Flower Market
William Vogel
Flower Market

I really enjoyed doing this one. All the colors so bright and beautiful. Always quality products from masterpiece by numbers.

My mom and dads wedding photo

I loved doing this painting for my dads 90th birthday a lovely reminder of his wedding day I love how the faces seems to come alive