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Night Owls
Ray McCann

Forgot pic

Southern Charm
Diane Lee
Southern Charm

I enjoy spending time each day relaxing painting ,

The Mill
Monica Brennan
Old Mill

My first MBN- I loved it! Some teeny tiny numbers but the paper chart helped. This painting hangs proudly in my daughter’s room .


this is one of my favorite as well as my husband’s.

My dream cabin

the color is bright, its one of the challenging work i have ever done but its worth it.

Vintage Wine
Bob Krasny
Nice Challenge

This is my second MBN painting. I'm looking forward to the next one. I'm very pleased with the quality of the canvas, paint and brushes.

Book Shop
Linda Staudenmeir

I really enjoy this project. I work on it every day.

Harbor Garden

Finally finished!

Susan Kelley

Loved this painting! I have purchased pictures from other places and this is by far the best quality!!!

Princess Diana Roses
Phyllis Defore

The most beautiful paint by numbers I have painted. I’ve had so many complaints on it. Now I need to frame my Masterpiece!

Lakeside Retreat
Thomas Moore
Great painting

Love the work of this artist! Thanks MPBN!

Tropical Island

Painted for friends. They love it. I bought the extra paint kit on the advice of others before me. Glad I did because I needed two additional pots to finish. Recommend MBN add an extra 1 and 4 to the set as they have done for other sets. I love the choice of paintings offered by MBN. I have several waiting in the wings for me to complete as requested for family and friends.

Arc De Triomphe
Les LaBrecque
Arc de Triomphe

This was my second MBN kit and it came out great. It was more challenging than Autumn Bridge but relaxing and enjoyable to do. I shared your website info with a military veteran friend who wanted a PTSD stress reducer. I learned that PBN pictures were used after WWI for soldiers rehab. I am currently working on the “Paris” picture. Also challenging but relaxing.

Springtime Beauty
Nancy Misner
So much fun to paint!

I'm a 65-year old retiree and really enjoyed painting this picture! This is my first adult paint by number. It took about a month of several hours every day but was well worth it. I took a little creative license and did some blending in the sky and ground and added some trees in the background. I love the Masterpiece by Numbers company and have already bought three more paintings...loving this new obsession!

Book Shop
Rynae Galino
Book Shop

Absolutely stunning!


So realistic, looks just like my baby Jojo. This was my first custom painting of one of my fur babies. Love how it turned out and was so much fun painting. Photo used and painting attached.


I absolutely love how Cassies custom painting turned out! At first I was skeptical of the colors sent to use, but, in the end it came out vibrant an perfect. I fine tuned the eyes and nose plus blended in for fur. Turned out just like the photo. I've ordered 3 more, one for each of my fur babies. Thank you Master piece for such a quality canvas to work with. Painting and photo used.

The Nativity

This nativity is the third painting I have finished. And will go over my mantle at Christmas. The detail work is great. Looks more like a painting than a paint by number. I love your canvases and have many more to do.

The Mill
Cindi Greer
Challenging but relaxing

This was my 1st painting from Masterpiece by Numbers. The quality was great. I definitely needed the extra paint set I purchased with it for a few of the colors. Really enjoyed working on it.

Winter On The Ranch
Gordon Mummey
Winter on the ranch

My first number painting sence 1956 or 7 I am so impressed with the quality of the entire package I am about 3/4 done and have already ordered 3 more kits I can not say enough about your company thank you for the opportunity to say this .

Three Brothers
Martin Sullivan
Fabulous but, test for the eyes

A great painting but a real test for the eyes….lots of small areas . My eyesight requires me to wear varifocals and even with these and a magnifying glass it was a test at times. Nevertheless, a fantastic result as always..

Summer In Venice
Jacky Catterall
beautiful picture

i’m halfway through this one. i did the Venice in the evening which is lovely but I think this one will turn out better. should make a nice pair.

Winter on the Ranch

Winter on the Ranch was wonderful to paint and it turned out brilliantly. I have had so many compliments on this one, I highly recommend it. Todate I have done eleven of these Masterpiece paintings and I have enjoyed every one.

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Amsterdam Sunset
Katherine Peterson
Amazing details!

This was one of the hardest paint by numbers I have done! The details were so tiny but the end results were phenomenal! Lots of compliments on this painting! The colors and quality of the canvas are as expected with this company!

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Poinciana On The River
Katherine Peterson
Beautiful colors

Painting turned out beautiful! Not as fun to do compared to some of the others I have done on here but the end result was very nice!