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Below you can read the latest reviews for our paint by numbers kit. All of these reviews are from verified customers of Masterpiece By Numbers.

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Excellent Custom Paintings.

I really enjoy my custom paintings I receive from MPN. The paint quality is excellent, and plentiful.
I have done at least a dozen and I can’t be happier.

Custom paintings.

I have now painted over 30 different canvasses from MPBN. I started with easy ones from their vast selection then started with my own photos. The quality is by far the best, (I have tried others!) The numbers don't bleed into the paint, they are accurate and the finished products are amazing. I live in France and delivery is painfully slow but it is always worth the wait. Thankyou MPBN. I continue to order, 3 at a time.

June Flowers
David Lahoda
June Flowers

Thus was my first paint by number. At first I thought what did I get myself into. So I started painting and realized that this was very relaxing. I totally enjoyed the experience and love the end result.

MBN - Extra Paint Set
Garry Southall
Extra paints

Arrived very quickly. I’ve done many mbn paintings now. This one I did for my mother and father in law for their 60th wedding anniversary. My father in law is from Dublin, Ireland so I did a personalised mbn of the famous halfpenny bridge. They were delighted.

Connie Corwin
Husky - Onyx

Chose this Husky painting for my daughter and son-in-law to celebrate their birthdays and their new Husky puppy named, Onyx. I liked the bright colors and happy pose. It reminded me of her when she stares you down for treats. I changed the painting to show Onyx has a blue and brown eye and added her name.

I love MBN. I’m working on my 7th painting now. The paints and canvases are high quality. All my paintings have been given as personal gifts to family. I never saw myself as creative but this hobby changed that sentiment in me. I’m glad I found and chose you.

Turning For Home
Carole Yoxall
Turning for home the spitfire

I am thrilled with how this painting turned out.It is a birthday present for my son-in-law who is a veteran .I am sure he is going to love it

Country Blessings
Richard Korte
Country blessings

Great painting very detailed. Need a steady hand and the pro brushes from masterpiece are the perfect answer. Took about 3 weeks. Love the horse and chikens.

Quiet Time
Katharine Smith
Absorbing and creative

This is my first MBN and I’m painting it on MBN’s frame which is certainly easier than the only other pbn I’ve tried. I’m less than half way through but it’s fun seeing the picture come to life - I’m going to do the chair next and imagine sitting down on it looking over the beach! One request: PLEASE can it be made possible to have customer pictures on those frames? Paints and brushes are good but I need practice at doing the tiny little bits!

Personal Portrait

Please add photo to Annette Rickard’s review

A very satisfied customer in Texas.

Masterpiece By Numbers is a top of the line company. There artist doing beautiful work and the paint colors are top quality and true to the colors of the picture. Forever a customer and marketer for Masterpiece By Numbers.

The Junction Express
Jeffrey Ellmann
Outstanding Piece

This painting compliments my other painting from your company. The detail is perfect!

Love the outcome

I enjoyed doing these custom this is my 3rd or 4th. Thanks MBN!


Love this company. I’ve ordered custom paintings to give to family at Christmas. The quality of the canvas and printing is fabulous. The paint is good-covers well. The brushes are good also. I’m super happy with my orders.

Painting update

The painting wasn't as detailed as I had hoped. But I honestly think it was the photo I selected. So not the company’s fault. Overall I was happy but not wowed. The quality of paints were better than other pbn companies. I definitely will be ordering from your company again.


Awesome likeness. Am planning to surprise my son and daughter-in-law for their anniversary.

Quiet Time
Al Mullendore
Relaxed time

This was my second painting, enjoyed it. I put a little of my own twist to it,added extra flowers And seagulls.

Custom painting

I really loved the kit for this photo. It was a good colour match ( apart for a couple of changes which I felt matched better) it’s going to be a 90th birthday gift, so hoping it goes down well! Thank you and I look forward to many more ‘Masterpiece’ paintings.

Costom paintings

Amazing, I can’t say anything bigger. I have never enjoyed painting as much as I do our custom paintings. The likeness is amazing. If you like painting you will absolutely love masterpiece by numbers and I would recommend them to everyone


Autumn Bridge
michael jesseThis was my 3rd pbn and I really enjoyed itam just starting my 4th A Night To Remember
Another one for my wall

Good fun to do, ideal for your first time

I loved it!

The rooster was painted for a friend. I finished it in two weeks. The frame it came with was excellent quality. All of masterpiece paintings are excellent! I loved it and so did my friend.

Walk To The Sea
Barbara Steffenesn
So far, so good

Another fiddly one but I'm getting there slowly but surely.......sometimes the housework gets in the way eeekkk..... :)

Eiffel Scene
philip Sephton
First attempt

This was my first attempt at painting by numbers,I found it challenging but really enjoyed doing it..I am looking forward to starting the next one that I have bought from you .

Majestic Tiger
Majestic painting

This is my third masterpiece by numbers painting and I thoroughly enjoyed every minute of doing it. Who would have thought that you could create such a beautiful painting from such a limited colour palette. Fantastic quality. Thank you.

Mountain Lake
Geoffrey Gore
Mountain lake

My 1st from masterpiece by numbers .so pleased with this painting started painting my second one from masterpiece by numbers and ordered 3 more .I am really pleased with this product. And the service at you give . once again thank you

Harbor Garden
Gary Styles
So far so good.

I mostly give away the paintings I've done and this one will be going to Calgary in July.

I'm loving it so far and I'm sure my sister will love it too. Verified Reviews Badge
Verified Reviews
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