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A night to remember

Although the person for whom I painted this loves it, I was a little disappointed at the final result. It is a little dark and missing those wisps of bright purples, pinks and yellows as seen on the original. I grew up watching the northern lights and for me this misses the mark.

French Country Cafe
Cornelia Jeffery
French cafe

Loved doing this! It took some time but the results were stunning. I'm very happy with this.

Marsh Masters
Janet bailey
13th MBN

This is my 13th painting. In my country 13 is an unlucky number but not with this painting. It was a pleasure from start to finish I absolutely love the faces of the 3 dogs they are so life like well done MBN now on to my 14th

Life On The Farm
Rebecca Chaffin
Challenging but Rewarding

I worked on this painting on weekends when I needed a break from reading. Overall, I worked on it about 4 months but wasn't consistent. I thoroughly enjoyed working on it and hours would pass before I knew it. I have to order a frame for it but I'm proud of how it turned out. I've also realized that my love of painting never left, I just failed to nurture it.

Perfect memorial gift

Ordered a custom painting to gift to my brother- who last his dog. I am thrilled with how it turned out. It was slightly intimidating when it first arrived, but easy to figure out and did not take too long to complete. I can't wait to gift it to my brother (& order another painting for myself)!


I ordered this custom paint by number in memory of my little dog Mickey that crossed the rainbow bridge this spring. When I received the PBN, I thought the painting on the canvas was very simple and looked basic. The colours of the water looked too dark. But as the project came along, I found it is beautifully rendered! The paint and canvas are both excellent and very happy with the result. I will definitely order more from Masterpiecebynumbers! Thank you!

Crossing Guard
Reg Jordan
Crossing Guard

This mpbn was my 12th painting, really enjoyed this one, and that river was so intricate to do it took me ages, but final result in my option was a true masterpiece.

chris farrell
My own Masterpiece

"Bouquet" has turned out to be my most treasured masterpiecebynumbers. It was one of the more difficult ones -- lots of detail -- but that's what makes it so lovely. I did tweak the background colors; they were too drab. I also changed the color of the vases because there was little contrast between them and the background. It now hangs in my living room decorating a once empty wall. I am proud of this work!


I recently lost a family pet and I wanted to paint a picture of her in her memory. I am very impressed with the quality of your paintings

Standing Proud
Laura Jean
Standing proud

Loved painting it

Van Gogh - Irises
Mimi Palmer
Van Gogh's garden

When I started my painting my colors didn't look right. I notified the company, I had received the wrong paints. They got a new kit out right away. This is a pretty picture but has a lot of small spaces. The paint was really creamy and canvas good. Enjoyed painting and watching the irises pop out!

Autumn Bridge
David Mawson
It’s ok

The way the pictures are packaged is first class. This particular picture was ok, but I would have preferred more detail in the foliage.

Challenging but worth the effort!

My first Masterpiece By Numbers painting and really enjoyed the challenge. I’ve done other paint by numbers and was looking for a company that sells advanced pictures with quality materials and think I’ve found it in you, so thank you!
Shipped from the US to UK with no issues.

It's a learning process....

Overall I am pleased with how my grand children turned out. The paint was very good quality as was the canvass. I struggled a little with the shading on the faces.
I have ordered and received several new canvasses which I am looking forward to commencing.
Thank you Masterpiece!

Evening Breeze
Julie Roberts
Wonderful Design

Great colors, matching pretty close. I did have to retouch the lighter colors. My 2nd painting with MPN.

Seaside Sanctuary
Debbie Dreyer
Good project

It's not finished, but I'm enjoying it so far.

My train fetish.

This is the 4th train painting of 🚂 trains that I have done. So relaxing.


There are no words to describe the emotionst from my friends when they opened their special anniversary gift of your painting. The picture was that of my two friends sitting next to their dog who they recently put down. Tears came to their eyes. Nice job Masterpiece"

Coming Home
Laura Garcia
Coming Home

This is my first MBN and I’m hard at work on it! I’m very happy with the results so far and I’m no artist! I’ve already purchased my second one, as I can see this hobby continuing for years to come.

Colors were a little off

The picture I sent was of my brother in law who passed away unexpectedly in December and his mother dancing. I wanted to paint it and give it to her for Mother’s Day. Other than a few spots missing a number (not a huge deal) it was good. EXCEPT for their faces. Both faces called for really dark coloring and my brother in laws face turned out horrible. It’s unrecognizable. I’m sad and do not feel as though I can give it to my MIL anymore. I have no idea how to fix it.

The Lodge
Danielle Lenhart
Pretty Scene!

This one was fairly easy, not bad for a beginner.

Pirate Skull
Martin Sullivan
Brilliant project

First completed the Pirate Skull in January 2024 and within minutes of posting the result on my Facebook page a friend wanted to buy it….so, that done I re ordered the canvass and, exactly the same…could it be a third project…….a fabulous painting and I would recommend Pirate Skull to anyone yet to consider it…fabulous

Brilliant ! This is the second custome painting of a much loved pet.

This is an absolutely magical likeness of my friends beautiful dog. Would recommend anyone to do this to keep the memory of a loved pet alive. Can’t wait until it’s finished/

Quiet Time
Annette O'Connell
Quite Time

I enjoyed painting Quiet Time very much.

Bike and Beach
Bike and beach

Still working on it but beautiful