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Below you can read the latest reviews for our paint by numbers kit. All of these reviews are from verified customers of Masterpiece By Numbers.

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Opening Day
Elizabeth Webb
Favorite painting yet!

I completely enjoyed painting Opening Day! It has become my favorite so far. I picked this painting for my husband who is an avid fly fisherman.

I wanted to surprise my son with a painting of his buildings. I sent a picture to two different companies (cheaper places). And I was very disappointed. So I tried Masterpiece and it was great. The difference was awesome The details were perfect
The extra cost was well worth it. When I showed my son he was so pleased that he hung it up in his office there and then
Thank you for the awesome job
I have bought several more paintings and won’t be trying any other companies again
Thank you
Chris Hunter

So much fun!

Loved working on this one. Came out more beautiful than I expected. Only took me a month to finish it.

Custom Swiss

I am still working on the tiny numbers but getting there. I love it lots! Memorial 2019 with my Grandkids.

Amazing likeness

We are so thrilled with the way this turned out. Great quality. Spot-on likeness. It’s hanging front and center in our living room. Couldn't be happier.

Love the company

I have done several paint by number but I think this is my favorite!
My youngest son and his new wife on their wedding day!
Best day ever! I am doing it for them as a house warming present.

I’m Happy With The End Result

This took me almost a month, but it was worth the time and patience. I’m pretty happy with how it ended up looking in the end. I do recommend using your own brushes than the ones they give you, but I’m not complaining, the basic brushes still get the job done. Some of the colors were a little bit runny, so they needed a second layer of paint after the first layer dried. I’m going to give this to my dad for Father’s Day because he loves the Red Sox. My kit came in a timely manner with plenty of time for me to paint it. It took about 5 or 6 weeks, which is not bad. I can’t wait to do another one soon.

Lion King
Theresa Coleman
I'm hooked

My girlfriend introduced me to masterpiece by numbers. I was floored by the detail and ordered the mermaid, "Hidden Treasures ". I enjoyed painting her and ordered the "Lion King". I am so hooked. I love him so much, that I ordered 15 more painting!!!

Quiet Time
LOVE my painting!

I started painting by number during the pandemic and love it. I have done many of them. I love this one so much! We moved to the beach a few months ago and it looks great on the funky wood paneled wall in our MBR. So fun to do and very nice quality. Takes a while to do, but it is so relaxing and you will be thrilled with the results! I find my finished painting to be very calming. This has to be my favorite yet!

Oak King
Denise Deere
The Oak King

Loved the detail in the completed work .The paint quality is amazing, goes on so smooth an rich colors . Plenty of paint . Patience is definitely required for this one some very fine detail goes into him

End Of A Perfect Day
Joseph Nolette
Love doing these

Looking for something to do during Pandemic came across your site and bought one to try, already complete 3 have 4 more ready to go and am ordering another 3 one of which is a custom cant wait

So fun to do!

Loved doing all the vibrant colors! Super fun to do this one!

Special Grand Dogs

I LOVED painting two of my grand dogs, Oakley & Riley! Masterpiece By Numbers did a fantastic job of capturing their essence on canvas and the colors were exact! My husband built the frame from reclaimed wood and we gave it to my daughter and her fiancé. They could not have been happier and we were thrilled to gift them with something so special. Thank you, Masterpiece By Numbers!

Viki Guidry

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Fighter And Bomber
Glenn Parkin
Relaxing time

This was my 1st painting by masterpiece by numbers. I've ordered 6 more since. I had a lot of fun doing this and it totally chilled me out. The quality is amazing, from the paint to the canvas however the paintbrushes aren't great. I've bought my own. I would highly recommend these kits.

Book Shop
Lynda H.
My first PBN!

I wasn’t sure what to expect but overall the painting was challenging and fun to paint! I found the colors sent were somewhat different than the picture that came with it! Mine seems a bit dark compared to some paintings. I enjoyed the time painting and watching it come to life! For my first try, it came out pretty well!

Watching Leopard
Chrissy Atkinson
Love this big cat!

I just went to Hobby Lobby yesterday cuz I wanted to get my rendition of the "Watching Leopard" a totally professionally framed. It is going to be soooo awesome because the PBN came out so beautiful!!

Thanks to Masterpiece for creating a great PBN piece of art and for providing the right paints!

Thinking of my Mom....

My second PBN! It took me about six weeks...
Where I grew up we have lots of animals and my Mom loved her chickens. She always had about 50 of them running free on our property. So this one is for you Mom...

Venice Canal
Paul Guilfoyle
Really loved painting this!

I took my time with this painting and absolutely loved the result. Everyone that saw the finished painting were very impressed and didn’t believe it was painting by numbers. I’d recommend Masterpiece by Numbers to anyone who is looking for something to pass the time. I have another picture to start and I can’t wait.

Springtime Beauty

Loved painting this, such great colours, took me around 50 hours but well worth it.

Desert Island
Tamara Bahil

I found it easy to follow and beautiful when done


They did a great job turning my photo of my grandbabies into a paint by number. I had so much fun doing these.

Van Gogh's Irises

I found this art work from Van Gogh to be quite challenging and time consuming to paint. I enjoyed painting his piece and was pleased with the outcome of my painting. This is my 5th painting from Masterpiece PBN and as usual the quality and integrity of Masterpiece is 5 stars from me. I may not be an artist, but feel like one...a quote from Vincent Van Gogh..."If you hear a voice within you say " you cannot paint" then by all means paint and that voice will be silenced."

London In The Rain
Michael Loftus
Memories of London

I just finished and framed my latest painting “London In The Rain” which I bought from Masterpiece By Numbers. I’m really happy with the quality of the materials they provide. I was born in London and really like this scene. It makes me feel nostalgic for London. I’ll be starting on a new painting soon.


My first painting from you. The quality of the paint, brushes and canvas is by far superior to the 7 other paintings that I have bought from different companies before finding Masterpiecebynumbers.
A pure joy to deal with you and Kimberly is extraordinary! Thank you for making my relatively new hobby such a pleasure. Waiting impatiently for my next 2 to arrive....not your fault ..stuck in Belgian customs for over a week !

Blue Eyes
Sarah Potter
Old Blue Eyes

Really enjoyed painting Mr. Blue Eyes. I think the finished painting is so beautiful. Excellent product as always and the results as always are amazing. On to my fourth big cat now. X Verified Reviews Badge
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