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So the first Lockdown I bought my 87 year old mother this, she loved doing it and is now a wee bit addicted. She has it pride of place in the lounge and can’t stop staring at it. Lovely quality thank you so much.

Life line

Well that has certainly kept my 87 year old mother out of mischief during the latest Lockdown. Fantastic quality canvas and paints. So nice that it comes rolled not like others that are a pain to get the creases out of. Thank you so much

So life like

Green, green and more green but so worth it. I am absolutely amazed as to how life like this painting looks and it definitely deserves a good quality frame.
I’ve deducted 1 star in my rating because most of the paints were incredibly thick and had to have quite a few drops of flow aid to make them manageable.

New Hobby

I felt I needed a new hobby for the winter so decided to give painting by numbers a try as it has always been something I wanted to give a go. What a great hobby to chose it is absorbing enjoyable and very relaxing. I chose masterpiece because it looked to be the best available of its kind, so glad I did. I ordered my first painting and completed it during a period of lockdown in the UK. I am so pleased with the result and have ordered three more to enjoy over the next few months. I would definitely recommend Masterpiece to anyone who wanted to do painting by numbers.

Princess Diana Roses

Hadn’t done painting by numbers since a child, and never actually managed to finish one. But saw advertisements during lockdown and was determined to give it another go. Really pleased with my first attempt!


I ordered 3 pictures on special offer and was really surprised at the quality - based on canvas, using acrylic paints and the degree of difficulty made it money well spent; here's to completing the next one!

Just love these paintings

Have already bought 9 love them

Battle of the seas

My first try at an adult paint by numbers bought to fill some time during lockdown.

I had some reservations, just the term "paint by numbers" has some childlike connotations but these are far from childlike.
There is a great level of detail that requires a steady hand, concentration and attention. I found myself "losing" hours once I started painting and relaxation was high.

As this was my first attempt I learned a few tricks along the way but in the end was happy with my result to the point I bought a frame to hang it in my dining room. I have no hesitation buying another of these great, value for money kits and have already started my second one, i might need to find some more wall space !

Quiet Time

I am working on my third painting and love the finished products. I had the paper sheet enlarged and that
helped with seeing the numbers. I too have had to order the extra paints but the orders are filled quickly. Most of the
time I only need a couple of the extra paints - wish there was a way to figure out the colors with the different
paintings so I could use the extra paint on them? It has been a good project for being home so much. People can't believe
it was done by numbers. Thanks

Absolutely Beautiful!

My company was celebrating a 25 acts of kindness day where we do something special for a senior and I thought it would be a perfect gift to do a paint by number for them. I picked this one out and im so glad I did. It was absolutely beautiful and great quality. There was plenty of paint and it went on so smoothly. I can't wait to do another painting!

So therapeutic

I absolutely love these masterpiece by numbers. I would never be able to produce something like this from scratch. It is so relaxing and therapeutic. A great way to unwind after work.


I really enjoyed doing this Tiger , although the fine detail was a bit sketchy , I added lots of background detail , as well as bringing him to life , after adjustments to his face details , I used special effects brushes to do the fur , and plants on the rocks .

Just as good as the first

As the title says just as good as my first painting happy man

Fun & Thearapuedic

I think this is my favorite. Just finished today.
Lots of detail, but still fun to do. Love the final look. Will frame and hang this week.

Love the Details!

I ordered a custom paint by number of our coach parked along Lake Havasu in Arizona. The kit that was sent to me was wonderfully put together. They matched the colors of the photo perfectly. I spent many hours enjoying the painting process and feeling like I was right back in warm Arizona from my table in frosty New York. I finished my painting by adding a bit of free hand with the clouds and doing some blending. I love it so much that I have placed an order for another custom!

Another great project

These marvellous paintings have been amazing therapy during Covid Lockdown and I know my new found hobby will continue beyond the restrictions. Enjoyed this particular one .....

Loved doing this one

Completed quite a few of these fabulous Masterpiece paintings and they never disappoint. Particularly enjoyed Mallards Incoming.....well done Masterpiece by Numbers.

Beautiful Tropical Birds

So much fun and a cute addition to our southern home

Fantastic quality

I have completed 3 paintings from MBN and the quality is superb. Very pleased with the end results.

Winter Cottage, a serene painting

I have painted several MBN painting, and this one came out looking especially peaceful and pretty. Just the thing for my guest bedroom! Even though it’s not a “Christmas” painting, it reminds you of that time of year. Lovely colours and medium difficulty, I am pleased with the result.

Colourful Riverboat Scene

This beautiful painting was worth every minute of the very detailed effort required. It reminds me of a pictorial of Mark Twain’s writings. Thank you MBN for another very special painting. You make the pandemic quarantine bearable.

First time “Artist”

My first MPN, I don’t have an artistic bone in my body but this expierience has been liberating. This one is from a photo I took whilst waiting for my fajitas in our local Mexican Restaurant between lockdowns. The view is from my table and looking out over the harbour...... can’t wait for my next one to arrive....

Pelican_My first Masterpiece

I am so pleased with my first attempt at a Masterpiece Paint by Numbers. Not only with the finished product but with the quality of the product, the packaging, the communication. All as advertised on the website. I bought 6 of their products as Christmas presents for the family and chose the Pelican for myself as it reminded of a holiday camping on Corpus Christi in Texas. Normally paint and I don't get on well together but once I got into this I found it very relaxing and a pleasurable pastime. I have since bought 3 more paintings for myself.

My Springer

I am so pleased with the finished picture and have had many good comments from family.
I bought an extra set of paints but didn't need them. The amount supplied was enough.

Beach Beauties

I love all the beach scene paintings offered. They come out pretty well and the colors are always so vibrant. Verified Reviews Badge
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