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Below you can read the latest reviews for our paint by numbers kit. All of these reviews are from verified customers of Masterpiece By Numbers.

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New addiction

I just finished my first painting this evening - it is a custom one of my Bengal. I’m amazed at how identical it is to the photo I submitted. I must now order more paintings to feed my addiction. I never thought I’d be able to say I’m a painter, but Masterpiece By Numbers allows me to say that with pride, thank you MBN.


This was my first attempt at a MBN project. I have to say that I enjoyed every moment. Watching it come together is very satisfying. It’s very interesting to see how other people’s projects have turned out too,
I will certainly be ordering more!

Great quality; fun and relaxing project

The reason I chose this company over its competitors was because I wanted to make sure that the artists were being properly compensated for the use of their artwork. This was the first company I found that actually credited the artists and stated that the designs were officially licensed.
I didn't really know what to expect since I have never ordered a paint by number sets before and hadn't done one since I was a child. I was very pleased with the quality of the product I received. Though the brushes are decent quality, I did end up buying some more ergonomic brushes from my local craft store and was much more comfortable using those. The paint is also very good quality, with some colors being more opaque than others and some being stickier and requiring a little thinning with water. But I do feel that is to be expected with acrylic paints. Overall, I found the process of painting this to be incredibly satisfying and it has helped provide me with a relaxing escape during a particularly stressful period in my life. I appreciated receiving the emails with videos from the owner while I was waiting to receive my first set, and enjoy seeing other people's finished products in the Facebook group. This really seems like a great company and I'm glad to have found them. I'm looking forward to receiving the additional paintings I ordered after finishing this one.

Route 66

I finished this painting and my husband loved it. Only thing was my “8 paint was so clumpier it was hard to use it. So I had some paint that matched it and it was great. Had fun painting it.

Very enjoyable

Both my wife and I are enjoying these. We’ve found them to be just as advertised. She is almost finished with this one. Very good quality.


This is a painting of my dog Milo photograph taken at New Forest in June. The painting looks just like the photo. Thank you masterpiece by numbers for yet another custom painting, you never disappoint

Test of Patience

As this is my 7th MBN I can say it was also one of the hardest and longest to do. Well worth it, final product is absolutely gorgeous. Would highly recommend, just be sure to have a steady hand and lots of time!

Time consuming!

The kit is extremely detailed and I've made little progress. After about 8 hours of work I have completed the roofs of the buildings and some of the signs. It is turning out terrific though! I recommend watching some tips videos online about blending colors as the numbered areas are great guides but some areas do require a fade for the desired results. I did go to Michael's and buy some smaller brushes than what comes in the kit because some areas are super tiny. I recommend taking pictures of the actual canvas before painting with a good camera that can be zoomed in to see all of the numbers. The included guide is a smaller scale and less detailed than the actual canvas. Overall I am super pleased and excited to see how the finished result turns out.


Did this for my boss he loved it it’s a pic of his motorcycle in Charlotte Nc

My boy

I have not finished it yet but absolutely love it!


Loved completing this and it looks awsome. Cant believe the quality of it. I have 2 other as well so im excited to get them done!

Sunset lighthouse

I dont know where this is. I found the photo on the internet. It only took a week to paint. It looks just like the photo I downloaded. Really love the colours in it. As always the paints were lovely to work with and loads left even though the sky required more coats. Its wonderful to paint such great pictures so thank you masterpiece by numbers for yet another great kit


This painting is much more intricate than I expected, so it isn't something you just knock out in one day. The quality of the canvas is outstanding and the kit is complete. Shipping was fast and secure. I highly recommend this product - it is not junk.

Hours of relaxation

What a revelation to myself not only learning how to paint but hours of relaxation.

L'il Guy And Oreo

It turned out beautifully..many compliments. I showed the finished painting to a friend (I had not told her anything about the painting). She said, "Wow, that looks like Little Guy".....I then told her the details, and we all agreed it was an excellent representation.

Love it

I received 3 paintings but have only completed one. I messed up the sky but I still love it.

Cow Barn

I received my Cow Barn kit pretty quick, and it was package to protect it. Everything was in the kit to get started right away.

Turning out awesome

Best gift ever


I’ve tried the other paint by numbers, but this one is so much better. The paper quality is great.
It’s packaged perfect, nothing smashed or leaking. And with the custom paint by number set I ordered, I even received a color picture of it! I will definitely order from Masterpiecebynumbers again.

Thank you!

Great memories

This is a place called Wicken fen in Cambridgeshire. Although I didn't take the photo I did walk down the path on a cold and muddy day with my grandchildren and daughter. The painting has come out really beautifully. The paints were lovely and I'm so happy with the end result

Hard to tell which paintings I like better

Besides the fact that I have enjoyed ALL the paintings received, along with it bringing my female "friend" closer by spending many hours together listing to background music while painting, ............. I do have a request. How are these fantastic paintings processed from the initial design stage to the final product? How are the painting outlines transferred to canvas, the proper colors selected throughout AND the paints produced. Thanks, Ken LaDue


Brilliant idea

Love finish painting

End of a perfect day

This is the second paint by numbers kit I have received and am happy to report that the quality of the kits are consistent. I thoroughly enjoy creating the paintings and seeing the results.

Harbour Garden

I was very pleased with the quality of the kit, I appreciated that the canvas arrived rolled in a tube and not folded. I have completed other paint by numbers and the kits from Masterpiece by Numbers are by far the better quality. I have completed a few of the landscape paintings, but I am awaiting my delivery of my custom painting which I am very excited about.