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Below you can read the latest reviews for our paint by numbers kit. All of these reviews are from verified customers of Masterpiece By Numbers.

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Marsh Masters
Felicia Warren

Great quality. Turned out best ever and paints were very good!!

I wish I was there!

I love this painting, especially the palm trees. I would love to be sitting on one of those chairs :O)

Wine Country Terrace
debbie Dragone
Love this scene!

This painting was true to the picture. I love that about Masterpiece. It took a while to finish and I was able to even make some modifications...trying my skills!!! So happy with final piece... next step, matting and framing.

Tropical Terrace
Richard Portwine
Window to Summer

I truly enjoyed doing this painting. I did have to do two coats on some colors, but it was easy to do.
It took me only about three weeks to finish. I worked only about an hour at a time.
We framed it and placed it in a room that has no window. I have done seven paintings from Masterpiece this past year and enjoyed them all. I am now waiting for one that I had sent a picture in to get done. That will be the third special print I have done.
Keep up the good work. I find Masterpiece very professional and a lot of fun to do.

The Joys Of Spring
Billie Osmer
The joys of spring

Fell in love with this one. It was my first painting. I ordered extra paint as I was reading the reviews. Didn’t need them. Would definitely recommend this print.

Winter Cottage
Billie Osmer
Winters cottage

I absolutely fell in love with this one. 3D pictures that came to life with every brush stroke. Have ordered a lot more. Great company to work with. Love the canvas too. Would absolutely recommend.

Spring Chapel
Charles Nixon
Very pleased customer

The Spring Chapel is my very first painting. Wow this is a very detailed painting as one of the other painters wrote in their review. I am having a great time with this painting. I am a detailed person anyway so I am glad I picked this one. I have taken a snap shot of my picture so far. This is about 12 hour on it.

Very enjoyable

I enjoyed this painting so much. I loved how it could be trusted to come together . I like making subtle changes that personalizes it for myself. Quality canvas, paints and brushes and hours of calming enjoyment!

Fall Adventure
Deborah Ulibarri
Great quality

Masterpiece is the best quality paint by #’s kit. Although a bit more pricey. I like the framed prints and will always order this way.picture is already stretched so paints flow and fill canvas better

Mountain Lake
Bruce Allen
Mountain Lake

Enjoyed doing this painting. As usual, very relaxing. Of the four completed, my wife likes this one the best.

Beer and Hops
William Greninger
Masterpiece by number

Was a great picture when I finished it. Like all masterpiece by numbers are.
I have gotten over a dozen custom paintings, they all came out great.
I am a disabled veteran, that uses the paint by numbers to take my mind off the pain in my hands from Agent Orange. It helps
My wife's parents on our wedding day 50 years ago

Donna Comeaux
Cajun County Pelican

I just had to paint this print. I love it and enjoyed every minute. It will be a gift and I'm proud of it. Thanks for putting out a quality product.

Oak King
Donna Taylor
Loved this painting

This came out beautifully. He is awesome and I have received lots of compliments

End Of A Perfect Day
Dawn Lockwood
I can smell the salt air…

Absolutely love the finished product. This took a while to complete and I needed to go over it with a second coat to fully cover the canvas. The outcome is stunning and you’d never know it’s paint by number. The quality of the Masterpiece kit beats out others that I’ve tried. Working on my next! I had this mounted in a floating frame with a weathered wood look.

June Flowers
Giuliana Ibarra
Awesome picture

I’m very grateful and surprised because quality product. Final paint is very impressive, looks very professional. I will keep doing business with you. Thank you very much.

Custom Painting

My custom painting turned out well for the most part. Some of the colors were inaccurate based on the photo that was submitted.

Blue Eyes
Ellen Bader
I’m not compensated to write this…

I’ve been doing paint by numbers for years and have ordered 30 or so kits from various places. Some were good, most okay at best and a handful were complete duds or disappointments. I never received a kit and just went WOW until I ordered from this company. It arrived relatively fast and professionally packaged (I’ve had some that came dented or damaged). The canvass wasn’t a cheap wood frame, it was an actual canvass. The paints were fresh and true to the picture. And I’ve never had one turn out so life-like. The kit came with an extra #4 and 10 which I didn’t know, and ordered an extra set of paints just in case. I wish they would have included an extra #7 and 8 (which I ran low on) and ordering an extra set wouldn’t have been needed. I didn’t particularly care for the blue that came with it but that’s a personal preference. It turned out so nice I went to the craft store and got a color shift blue for the eyes that looks phenomenal. I always throw in my own artistic touches anyway. I painted this for a friend but might have to get another one to do for myself. This company was a little more but worth it.

Great product!

I’m about halfway through and really enjoying it! Everything was delivered in good shape - the canvas was in great condition (no creases and no missing numbers). Definitely better quality than other paint by number companies I have purchased from.

Book Shop
jane Croteau

I absolutely love,love this painting.I have looked at it for a while and finally decided to do it.I have a very dear friend who is an avid reader and right now is experiencing some health issues.It came out just perfect and I am so happy I did it for her.It’s on its way to Connecticut as I write this.I hope it brings her as much pleasure hanging it as it did me,painting it.These paintings have been my lifesaver since losing my husband 2 years ago.

The Gift
Teresa Arkisson

Wonderful picture. Would like more western or indian , Southwestern pictures. Middle west would be good too.

Princess Diana Roses
Bonnie Click
Yellow roses

Turned out beautifully. This was my first, challenging because the spaces were tiny, numbers hard to read or non-existent. I rated this at 4 because the colors were a little different than the display. However, in the end, it is beautiful after I had it professionally framed

Quiet Time
Lisa Dickenson
Love it!

My new favorite hobby! Just waiting for my next one to arrive!!!

Rhode Island Red Rooster
Katherine Bartee

I just finished painting this a few days ago. Everyone that has seen it says it's beautiful! I haven't framed it yet.

Debra Huch
Fun with Penguins

I have finished my first Masterpiece By Number. This will be given to my grandson for his 16th birthday. He may roll his eyes at it but he will remember me every time he looks at it. PS. He loves penguins.
I enjoyed the process and look forward to doing my next one.

Amsterdam Sunset
debbie Dragone
Great detail

This was very detailed but exactly what I was looking for. I have ordered from other companies and you do NOT get the same quality as Masterpiece. I made some modifications but loved this one. Verified Reviews Badge
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