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Below you can read the latest reviews for our paint by numbers kit. All of these reviews are from verified customers of Masterpiece By Numbers.

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I LOVE the quality of the canvas and the paints!

Southern Charm
Jessica Hicks
Perfect painting

I LOVE the quality of the canvas and the paints!

Wine Country Terrace
Jessica Hicks

Love the quality of canvas and paints


I love doing these complicated pieces , This Monet has been particularly difficult , I did alter colours that were wrongly numbered . I am delighted with the finished piece . It now hangs proudly in my house.

Very pretty!

Absolutely loved working on this painting which took 9 weeks to complete. I bought the 2nd set of paints which I did put to good use. I found the extra brush set invaluable (particularly the #3 brush) which enabled me to do some precision painting. A magnifying glass was a necessity. Like a couple of other reviewers, I changed the background color between the 3rd and 4th fence posts by using the #1 instead of the green. I did find the lines and numbers a challenge to cover but was able to successfully do so with a few touch-ups. It’s a gorgeous picture.

End Of A Perfect Day
Barry Hirschberg
Better than I thought it would be

We live fairly close to the beach and this painting spoke to me. I’ve done a number of PBNs but as I was painting this one, it seemed kind of jumbled. Towards the end though it all seemed to come together. Others have said that there wasn’t enough of one paint or another. I found there to be enough paint and didn’t run out of any. Even the lighter colors were opaque enough to give good coverage. A couple areas needed a second coat. I continue to be very satisfied it’s MBN.

The Gift
First paint by number

This was a lot of fun to paint. I’m looking forward to painting another one.

1962 Pontiac

I painted this 1962 Pontiac as a gift for a special friend of mine. This is the 5th painting I have done with this company. Love this company. I highly recommend this to anyone that is looking for a hobby. You do not need to be a good artist. It turns your favorite photos into art. Thank you Masterpiece.

Satisfied customer!

I am so happy I found Masterpiece by Numbers for my custom photo painting. I tried another company and did not even complete the painting because I was so upset with how the colors were translated from the original picture. Masterpiece by Numbers nailed the photo and the colors. The paint was of great quality with good coverage and not dried out. There was also plenty of paint left over. So happy with the experience from beginning to end. I love my painting. I have recommended this company to several friends. If I am in need of another custom paint by numbers, I will be ordering from here.


This was a delight to complete (took a little over 7 weeks). The paints were beautiful, creamy and opaque and there was enough left over for touch-ups. My go-to brush for almost all my painting is the #3 brush from the extra paint set but I also like the large flat brush that comes with the kit for the bigger areas. As with my other paintings, I found a magnifying glass invaluable. Looking forward to my next project which is "Stone Bridge".

Princess Diana Roses
David Mawson
Worth the effort

A very intricate picture. I nearly gave up a few times, but the end result is spectacular. People who see it can’t believe it’s pnb

Visions Of Paradise
Paula Charbeneau

A challenge but the result is beautiful

Book Shop
Katherine Johnston
Art therapy

I loved painting this one! It satisfied my love for painting small cells and the straight lines. OCD?!! it was only my third pbn!

Quiet Time
Cynthia Conrad
I love this picture

In fact Iove it so much I bought it twice! One for me and one for my daughter. So relaxing to paint and to look at.

Harbor Garden
Joao Ramos
Great fun

Really enjoyed this one. Went a bit free hand on the sky and sea,

Venice Canal
Mimi James
Venice at Night !

The colors in the finished painting are so much more vivid than the original artwork. This was by far one of the easiest paintings that I’ve completed from the Masterpiece collection. It is a beautiful scene and very relaxing to imagine yourself taking a ride in one of the gondolas at night.

Stone Bridge
Thomas Mooore

Love the painting and the process. I learned so much and have started another, great use of time during triple digit temperature here in Florida.

Thanks Masterpiece

Springtime Beauty
Lisa Miller
Springtime Beauty

Loved painting Springtime Beauty, gorgeous!!

Katherine butler

Enjoyed this painting, the paints lovely to use.

American Anthem
Aimee Elliot
My new favorite

I love this eagle picture. I've painted 7 different pictures and this is my new favorite. I thought it was a rather easy one to paint so if your just starting out this is a good one


Challenging but fun and love the results.

Wow 🤩

This picture is incredibly detailed….pulled my eyes out on stalks until I got some magnifying glasses lol. So rewarding thou, would definitely recommend

Majestic Tiger
Sandy Pascale
Awesome majestic tiger

This is the first paint by number I did. Love the finished product. I also finished the Rooster and am now working on Blue Eyes

Mountain Lake
Nicholas Decillis
Great Mountain Lake

The best painting I have done yet. My wife liked it so much she asked me to hang it were she could see it. So I framed it and hung it by her favorite chair. The colors were vibrant and jumped off of the canvas. My favorite painting yet. I've done 4 . You won't be disappointed.

So much fun to paint!!

Loved to paint my cat and appreciated my sister giving this to me as a gift :) Verified Reviews Badge
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