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Below you can read the latest reviews for our paint by numbers kit. All of these reviews are from verified customers of Masterpiece By Numbers.

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Country Blessings

Enjoyed painting this one. Liked the details in the cabin, barn, and scenery.

Peace River

Enjoyed this painting. Great trees and surroundings.

Six stars!!!!

This is was my very first MBN, my first painting by numbers actually and before I was half way finished I’d ordered 3 more.
It was such a rewarding activity and I’m thrilled with the result (if that sounds like I’m boasting it’s because I am).
This is now my new favourite obsession and my family will no longer have any difficulty thinking what to buy me as a present for Christmas or for my birthday so I’d like to say thanks on their behalf.
Now I just have to be patient and wait for my next MBNs to arrive.

Me nanna and our 3 Grand daughters

This is my 3rd custom painting and it will be a gift to my daughter and son in law. The quality of all the paintings is first class. From the packaging to the contents is great. What is so special for me is how they turn a photo graph into a painting outline, provide the paints and get such a great likeness. My wife and I are thrilled. Hopefully the recipients and our girls will be equally thrilled as none of them know I've painted them. I look forward to doing more, perhaps a portrait of my wife and a selfie. Thanks MBN


I love it it looks like a real masterpiece
I get al lot of complements

Laura in Struthers

My Husband just finished both of them.Couldn't be more pleased !In fact we ordered 3 more. They are BEAUTIFUL !


Wow! The quality of these is amazing! I will never go with any other company, I am so thankful to have found Masterpiece by Numbers and I look forward to doing many more. This is great therapy, puts me into a zone and is a great stress relief! Thank You Masterpiece by Numbers for giving me something I can do and feel proud of. I can not wait to do some custom paintings!

Lilac rollers

Another good painting lots of enjoyment painting


It was a lovely one to paint!

Really enjoyed

This is the second MBN I've done and I really enjoyed doing it. It's not too detailed so I found the picture came together quite quickly. Would definitely recommend.

Magnificent Creature

This was my first Masterpeice by Numbers and I found it extremely relaxing and enjoying. I was pleasantly surprised by the quality of the canvas and paints. I shall be purchasing more paintings.

Blue eyes

Everything was excellent doing another painting quality, service, all excellent. Great hobby on snowy days

Cyprus Friends

As usual the painting arrived in perfect condition thanks to the sturdy card tube. This was my 1st portrait and I was rather apprehensive about doing it. To say that I am delighted is an understatment. You have caught the features of my freinds perfectly. The suntans spot on and the check shirt, although very demanding, turned out great. It took me 4 weeks to complete - that was 4 weeks of delightful painting and thorough enjoyment. Thank you MBN

Amazing Custom Painting

This custom painting is so much more then I hoped it would be. MBN did an amazing job of converting it to a paint by number. It looks great even with my limited skill.

GC McCaws

WOW! Am truly amazed how much I enjoyed this paint by number. Turned out beautiful.

Blue Eyes!

I love this painting. It’s not a difficult painting and I was able to finish it fairly quickly.


I loved painting this during the holidays. I plan to have it mounted on a canvas board so I can hang it up during the 2020 holidays.


It hangs on our wall. My husband's Christmas gift.


Great stuff, I ordered more!!!


A great picture I loved painting it

A Very Enjoyable Experiance

masterpiece by numbers did a great job creating a kit of our dog Logan. This is the first PBN I have attempted and am delighted with the result. The quality of the canvas and paints are top notch. Delivery time on these custom kits is long but well worth the wait. I'm looking forward to the other kits arriving.


I was blown away with quality and will order again as soon as I can

Excellent and fun!

I really enjoyed painting a picture of my dog. It turned out really well. The colors look great and it was really fun. Can’t wait to paint another one!

My new absorbing hobby

This is my first MBN and I really enjoyed the peacefulness of putting everything aside to enjoy painting. I'm woefully unartistic and amazed myself with how it turned out. I've ordered more, there's no stopping me now...


This little beauty only took me a few weeks. I love this company and the kits that they supply. I am currently painting another one and will soon have that finished too.