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Night Owls
Gail Korince
Night Owls

I love working on this picture. I'm retired and it is giving me hours of pleasure to sit quietly and listen to the birds outside and relax and paint. When I got the large owls eyes finished I felt he was watching me lol. This is my first of which I'm sure will be many more. I'm only part way done and can't wait to finish it. Its like a good novel to me.

Let Your Dreams Soar
Brenda Obrist
Nice picture

This pbn is very colorful and was fun to paint.

Battle On The High Seas
Hugh McIlveney
Brilliant paintings

This is the second time I have painted this picture. The first time I ended up gifting it to a neighbour who loves old sailing ships. His wanted actually offered to buy it for him! So I know this is a great kit to do and am looking forward to starting it as my next project. Photo supplied is of the completed first painting

Autumn At The Lake
Barbara Namendorf
Autumn at the lake

Not my favorite, it finished too bright for me. I still enjoyed painting it though. Masterpiece by numbers is a wonderful company and their products are the best.

Mountain Lake
Barbara Namendorf
Mountain Lake

My husband loves this one! After 20 paintings he thinks this is the best one so far. I enjoyed this one because of all the beautiful colors and of course the scenery.

London In The Rain
Tanya Dudley
London in rain

I really loved working on this painting! Great canvas and paints. It took me awhile to complete because of the detail, and my eyesight is not great. This company is the best for sure! I used the unframed and am going to try the framed for my next one.

Book Shop
Wendy Keating
Gift for my Mom

I loved doing this one! My Mom is an avid reader and this was just a perfect gift for her! I’ve done 5 of your paintings so far and have 2 new ones to work on next, the quality of them and the fact that I can get extra paint sets set your company way above others that I have purchased from!
This is my disappear from the world hobby, thank you so much for providing such a great product!!

Martin Sullivan
A great challenge.

A really good exercise with several areas requiring very keen eyesight, or a decent magnifying glass. As previously mentioned in a review of this painting you are best to utilise some fine detail brushes.

As always the kit is of high quality, contains more than enough paint to complete the task and once again I can thoroughly recommend this as a challenge.

Hi Martin-

Once again you have done an outstanding job on your painting. Your Lighthouse is extraordinary! We love seeing your art and appreciate you choosing MBN! :)

The Scout
Colleen Kraft

Awesome company! Recommend!

The Scout
Annette Rickard
Observant watchman

This is a beautiful painting and the most challenging of all the pbn I have done (30+). Pull out your magnifying glass or glasses, get to painting, and create your masterpiece! I’m not finished yet but I will be proud of it when I am.

Visions of Paradise

I have been working on Visions of Paradise for a about 6 weeks, and this is my progress so far.
While not a particularly difficult painting, I have made slower progress than usual. Several of the colors needed 2 or 3 applications to completely cover the lines and numbers, and to make sure that white dots of canvas did not shine through. From a distance I suppose it doesn't matter, but I like to be meticulous.
I am also a little disappointed that some the paints provided dry a lot darker than how they look on the website.For example, on the website, some of the waves in the picture look to be white or a very pale, pale beige. But the color I received dried to a definite brown beige that I will have to tinker with, as I don't like it.
Overall, this is a relaxing painting to do, and it reminds me of sunsets I have seen in Hawaii.


This is one of the many beautiful paintings that Masterpiece by Numbers is offering. I enjoyed immensely working on it. The quality of the canvas, print and paints are superb. Thanks much!


I loved doing this painting! It was challenging and really made me concentrate on all of the small areas. I did get some fine detail brushes and a magnifying headset which helped a lot. My granddaughter loved it so much that she insisted on hanging it in her room the day it was done. Masterpiece has the most consistent quality for every picture that I have done, I just wish they had more of these Fantasy Collection.

Ruth Jenkins

I got a lot of joy painting this. Hummingbirds remind me of my mother wholoved to watch them. I find the process very peaceful.

Stone Bridge
Sandra Hughes
Stone Bridge

I really enjoyed doing this painting. It was challenging but enjoyable. I love doing Masterpiece by Numbers paintings and have done several.

Monica Shuster

I enjoyed painting this so much it came out absolutely 💯 beautiful . Painted it for my best friend she loves Cardinals. I have purchased many from this company. Quality paints and paintings every time. Fast delivery is fabulous always appreciated. Thanks Monica

Afternoon Drinks
Donna Steen
Afternoon drinks

This is the 2nd time I have ordered this painting. The 1st one was given to my daughter as she loved it so much and when I complete the 2nd one, it will be given to a long time friend from high school at our upcoming 50th class reunion in September, 2023.

Standing Proud
William Steele

Great picture

American Anthem
Michael Loftus
Soaring high above the mountains

My brother James, had the following to say when he viewed my finished painting: "I love the dynamic nature of this piece. The warm coloring of the eagle is juxtaposed beautifully with the fresh blue and white of the background; I can feel the freshness, and the wind through my hair." I agree with him. Soaring high above the mountains like an eagle. I really enjoyed painting this.

Venice Canal
Donna Orum
Venice Canal

This painting was so much fun. It is beautiful matted and framed with museum glass.

Van Galatas

Painted this for my mother. Turned out pretty well considering this is the first one I’ve ever done. I will be ordering again. Maybe I’ll paint one for myself this time!

Painting #11

Another enjoyable and relaxing painting. My wife wanted this one for her “Reading Room” to accompany the Bookshop painting I did before. The only change I made was to add her name to the chair! This painting did not have a lot of tiny cells so it was a little easier to do and took less time. It would be a good choice for a first-timer.

Mountain Train
Frank DaPos
Cool Train

This is my third MBN painting. I have already hung it up in my basement. This painting is cool because it is not too hard and it looks fantastic. This is a good painting for people with little experience.

First MBN!

This is my first painting by this company, and the detail is amazing! I have been very happy with the paints. I am nearly done, but have some touch ups to do on the lighter colors.

Early To Rise
Joan Strasz
Early to rise

I love nature, wooded scenes and this is my seventh painting from you!!! Still a little more to go but isn’t it turning out beautiful?