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MBN - Extra Paint Sets

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If you would like to order extra paint for any of our kits, please order here.

NOTE: Our kits are unique. Our paint sets will only match MBN paintings. We cannot provide extra paint if you are not using it for a Masterpiece By Numbers.

IMPORTANT: Select the painting from the dropdown box that you need extra paint for.

REMEMBER: Paint is included with all of our kits. Extra paint sets are for customers who want to have spare paint.

Customer Reviews

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Robert Murphy

I loved my first painting and was even more thrilled when I finished my second one. Gave a third one to my granddaughter to try

Susan V.
Peace of mind

If I am painting a picture that has a large area of light colors, I have learned from experience to order an extra set of paints . Sometimes more than one coat is needed to cover the lines and numbers, or to give. an extra depth to the color. There have also been a few times when I needed extra paint for very dark colors to cover up the tiny white dots that can form as the paint dries.

Linda Bence
Gotta Have It

I always buy an extra paint set whether or not I use it. I do paint a little heavy handed so just knowing I have it in case I run out is reassuring. I love my masterpieces I’ve done with the help of Masterpiece PBN.

Elsa Nazario

Great as always! Verified Reviews Badge
Verified Reviews
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