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Masterpiece By Numbers

MBN - Extra Paint Sets

MBN - Extra Paint Sets

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If you would like to order extra paint for any of our kits, please order here.

NOTE: Our kits are unique. Our paint sets will only match MBN paintings. We cannot provide extra paint if you are not using it for a Masterpiece By Numbers.

IMPORTANT: Select the painting from the dropdown box that you need extra paint for.

REMEMBER: Paint is included with all of our kits. Extra paint sets are for customers who want to have spare paint.

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Customer Reviews

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Charles Nixon
No question

I love Masterpiece, I wish I could take more time to paint. I am still working on my first painting.
I had to order extra paint. While watching the grandkids I forgot to close two little tubes of paint up so decided to order a new set.
From now on when I order a painting I think I will just order a extra set of paint just to be safe,LOL welcome to be retired

Extra paint

Was happy to get the extra paint. My painting was bought at the beginning of Covid so the paint was dried up. Now I am happily working on it.

Robert Murphy

I loved my first painting and was even more thrilled when I finished my second one. Gave a third one to my granddaughter to try

Tarri Stanzer
Extra Paint Sets

I have learned to purchase and extra set of paints for every painting. There are definitely certain colors that you use all of the paint. I would prefer more than enough paints so I don't skimp while painting just to reserve enough to complete the painting.

freddie boudreaux

great had to some of the colors

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