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MBN - Extra Paint Set

MBN - Extra Paint Set

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If you would like to order extra paint for any of our kits, please order here.

NOTE: Our kits are unique. Our paint sets will only match MBN paintings. We cannot provide extra paint if you are not using it for a Masterpiece By Numbers.

IMPORTANT: Select the painting from the dropdown box that you need extra paint for.

REMEMBER: Paint is included with all of our kits. Extra paint sets are for customers who want to have spare paint.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 195 reviews
Renee Haynes
Best paint sets

All of you products are top notch. I'm getting ready to order more. I love my masterpieces!

Warren Benson
magic night

The painting is lot of work with all the different colors.
But with the right lighting ,it's magic. The colors really pop.

Laura Lee Fiore
Quiet Time & Moonlight Sonata

My first PBN and it was easy and fun. Enjoyed doing this one Have just started my second one Moonlight Sonata (a work in progress)

Patricia Malcolm

It’s coming along nicely, the paints are great
So nice and creamy.
I hope to be able to work on it more over the coming weeks ahead
This is a bit different for me as I usually paint out of my head
This is a good test of my skills and I am enjoying it
Simply Patricia

Dee Decker
MBN has the BEST paintings and even better Customer service!

I've been a Masterpiece by Numbers customer for a few years now. I originally purchased several paintings all at once instead of only purchasing them one or two at a time. I love painting these! Any other paint by numbers painting just seems so simple and the picture comes out looking like a paint by numbers painting. These, with a little practice and shading, look like REAL paintings!
Over time, the brushes that come with the paintings started to wear out, so I bought the special brush kit. What a difference those made!
Then, just about a month ago, I opened my 5th or 6th painting to get started on it. Because it's been a couple years since I received it, my paints were all dry! I tried to add water to make them work, but then I realized that was a waste of time! I sent an email to MBN and found out I could order a new paint set specifically for my painting through the website! Ordering was easy and it got here within a few days! The new paints are PERFECT! No need to add water to thin them out!

Thanks MBN! I love your paintings! But I learned my lesson! I'm not ordering another one until I'm done with the ones I have left!

I've included a pic of my current painting that I needed to order new paints for.

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