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Masterpiece By Numbers

Come Unto Me

Come Unto Me

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Framed or Unframed?

Come Unto Me by Abraham Hunter - Abraham loves to paint images that express his faith. This glorious painting captures the kindness of Jesus tending his flock.

Now you can paint this wonderful painting with our amazing paint by numbers kit from our Landscapes Collection.

Each Masterpiece By Numbers kit is produced with care and attention to produce a painting as close to the original artwork as possible. 

The peace and serenity of painting is time well spent in our hectic world. The joy of painting this expertly detailed canvas will only be matched by the beautiful painting you will create.

Includes Everything You Need To Complete Your Painting:

  • High quality linen canvas - you can start painting straight from the box.
  • Set of paintbrushes - custom made for our paint by numbers kits.
  • Individual paint pots - for every color in the painting so you don't need to mix any colors.

    Canvas Size: 16"x 20"

Click the "Add to Cart" button now. Limited quantities are available so order now if you see a picture that you like.

© Abraham Hunter. Courtesy Of MHS Licensing

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Customer Reviews

Based on 28 reviews
Andrew Newbery
A therapeutic experience

This was my third masterpiece by numbers picture, and I have now got used to just taking my time . I am colour blind which means this way of painting is extremely satisfying and therapeutic.

Judy Hepner
Come Unto Me

I love this painting and it will go in a place of honor in my home. I do not know how many years I have been getting the Masterpiece paintings. I do know, I have been so impressed by the quality of the paintings, that once I started, I planned on replacing the existing art in my home with my paintings. I have one more painting to replace. I am very picky about what goes up on my walls and Masterpiece paintings far exceed my idea of perfection.

Painting is a way that I can get off by myself and relax with some mellow music, the sun shinning in my window and the beautiful canvas in front of me. Sometimes this has saved my sanity, especially during a difficult day when nothing has gone right with my husband who is terminally ill. I have given a couple of painting as gifts and folks could not believe that it was a paint by number painting.

Thank you for the opportunity for sharing my painting and would appreciate being added to the monthly competition.


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Mary Beth lanyi

I enjoyed doing this so much, it was my first paint by number. I am looking forward to doing another. It’s not perfect

Sheri B.

I enjoyed this painting. I was surprised how well the tree and bushes turned out. It was a relaxing experience.

Come Unto Me

Every MBN that I do, I always say "this one is my favorite"! This is #6 and I just love it! Each completed picture is a work of art (in my humble, amateur opinion - ha)!
Ok, onto MBN #7!

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