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MBN - Extra Paint Set

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If you would like to order extra paint for any of our kits, please order here.

NOTE: Our kits are unique. Our paint sets will only match MBN paintings. We cannot provide extra paint if you are not using it for a Masterpiece By Numbers.

IMPORTANT: Select the painting from the dropdown box that you need extra paint for.

REMEMBER: Paint is included with all of our kits. Extra paint sets are for customers who want to have spare paint.

Customer Reviews

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Quiet Time

I am working on my third painting and love the finished products. I had the paper sheet enlarged and that
helped with seeing the numbers. I too have had to order the extra paints but the orders are filled quickly. Most of the
time I only need a couple of the extra paints - wish there was a way to figure out the colors with the different
paintings so I could use the extra paint on them? It has been a good project for being home so much. People can't believe
it was done by numbers. Thanks

Absolutely Love

Quality Canvas and paints. Totally enjoyed painting this.
Almost done with my second one and then start the third one. I will definitely buy from Masterpiece.

Just what I needed

I felt I was going to run out of a few colors and decided to order the extra paint pac. It also came with brushes. Your paints are very good, brushes are great, and this is from a modeler who brush paints a lot.
It came out well, I think


This is my first attempt at paint by numbers. My art experience was in pen and ink so I found painting with accrillics new and a challenge. I'm very pleased with the outcome. I'm on my third painting and enjoy the challenge.

Awesome quality painting set

I feel like I'm actually an artist. Thanks. The only problem I've had is not having enough paint. Verified Reviews Badge
Verified Reviews