H. Hargrove

H. Hargrove, born Nicolo Sturiano in 1941 grew up in a small town just outside of Palermo, Italy. At the age of 23, he came to the United States with a degree in wine chemistry from the Wine Institute of Marsala excited to pursue his chosen profession.

Hired as a winemaker for a small vineyard in upstate New York, Hargrove’s career soon changed direction when he discovered and fell in love with the American countryside. Literally awestruck by the beauty and the antiquity of the weathered barns and covered bridges, he began to paint.

The owners of the winery were so impressed with his images that they asked him if he would like to create paintings to decorate the wine tasting room. Much to his delight the series of paintings depicting Monks in various stages of wine tasting became much more popular than the wine and the artist soon found himself in a studio in Greenwich Village, New York City. The rest, as they say, is history.

Hargrove's accomplishments are many. Over one million of his paintings are displayed in homes throughout the world.

Hargrove today ranks as one of the country's most-collected and renowned living artists and has painted over 100 limited editions, and most have completely sold out!

Referred to by some as a poet with a brush: by others, as a compelling visual storyteller, Hargrove  has captured the hearts of America for over twenty-five years.