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Meet The Team

We are a happy and hardworking bunch here at MBN. We strive to provide the best possible products and service levels for our fantastic customers.

Having a great team makes work fun. We love what we do (excuse the beads, we were having a Mardi-Gras lunch when these photos were taken). 

Nance - Company President

Favorite Painting - Night Palms

Nance grew up in St. Petersburg and is one of the founders of MBN. She  has worked in every position in the company from assembling and packing orders in the warehouse to customer support, to choosing our artists. She is an invaluable member of our team. You could call her the heart and soul of the company. 
Nance loves spending time with her family and her kittens. She loves reading, fishing, going to art museums, and watching college football.  

James - CEO

Favorite Painting - Walk To The Sea

James was born and raised in Surrey, England before moving to Florida in 2010. He is one of the founders of MBN and loves working here. 

James is a dedicated family man. When he is not thinking about MBN (which is not very often) he enjoys spending time with his family, fishing and watching soccer.


Roger – Order Fulfillment Manager

Favorite Painting - Blue Eyes

Roger manages our team of Order Fulfillment Specialists. He is responsible for inventory management and facilitating the distribution of work amongst his team. He also fulfills many of our domestic orders himself, ensuring the highest quality items are carefully packaged and shipped to our customers.
Roger is the athlete of the MBN family. His favorite physical activities include basketball and going for a run. He is also a dedicated father who adores his son, Little Roger.


Steven – Customs Department Manager

Favorite Painting - Peace River Cabin

Steven oversees both our Customs and Corporate Orders Department. In Customs, he reviews and assists customers with photo submissions, facilitates the process of developing a custom painting, and ensures the quality of every custom paint by numbers kit shipped from our facility. Steven also works to organize, inspect, package and ship large orders to our Corporate Partners. 
Steven is our resident outdoorsman. He is an experienced hiker who has spent time on the Appalachian Trail and who loves camping.

Tula – Inventory Specialist

Favorite Painting - Spirit of Yule

Tula manages our inventory. He also works to review and assemble our kits.

Tula is a veteran of the US Marine Corp. He was a Corporal and was deployed to Afghanistan. Tula is our go-to guy if we need anything organized. 

He is a devoted father and enjoys fishing, playing video games and watching movies in his free time. He is a huge Star Wars fan. 


Marc – Order Fulfillment Specialist in our Customs Department

Favorite Painting - Fishing Boats

Marc is Steven’s right hand in both our Customs and Corporate Orders Department. He is responsible for assisting Steven with quality control, inspecting customs before he carefully packages and ships them to our customers.

Mark is an experienced “treasure hunter” who enjoys spending his free time at the thrift store, searching for unique treasures that he can restore to their original glory and resell for profit online.

J.T. – Manufacturing

Favorite Painting - Pelican

J.T. is responsible for our manufacturing (he is working on some exciting new products for 2021). J.T. loves to build things and work with his hands. 

J.T. is a talented photographer and videographer who often lends his skills to the MBN family. He plays just as hard as he works enjoying numerous outdoor activities like wakeboarding and snowboarding.


Kelly – Operations Specialist

Favorite Painting - Poinciana on the River

Kelly assists in day-to-day office and warehouse operations. She ensures work flows to our Fulfillment Specialists, assists in customer service inquiries, works with vendors and our delivery partners.

She works closely with our CEO and President on administrative tasks and special projects.

Kelly is originally from Connecticut and enjoys spending time with her friends and family.

Kimberly – Customer Relations Specialist

Favorite Painting - Pelican

Kimberly has over 20 years of customer service experience. She responds to email inquiries from both our international and domestic customers. She is an excellent source of information on a wide variety of topics including our products, the painting process, and she also assists customers with delivery and/or order concerns.

Kimberly recently moved to Florida from Delaware. She is having a lot of fun exploring her new home state, especially Florida’s beautiful beaches which have re-inspired her love for photography.

Brandon – Order Fulfillment Specialist

Favorite Painting - Blue Eyes

Brandon works with JT in our manufacturing department. He thoroughly reviews and inspects products for quality control. He has a great eye for detail.

Brandon is a skilled, self-taught barber who enjoys cutting hair and reading books on Buddhism and meditation in his free time.



David – Order Fulfillment Specialist

Favorite Painting - Bulldog

David works primarily to fulfill our domestic orders. He is responsible for reviewing orders, ensuring only the highest quality products are carefully packaged and delivered to our customers.

David was a Sergeant in the Army and served for 5 years. He was stationed at Fort Drum in New York. He was deployed twice to Afghanistan.

David is a skilled photographer who enjoys music and mixing beats when he is not working hard for MBN.  

Preston - Warehouse Assistant (Part Time)

Favorite Painting - Lion King

Preston is a full time student at Florida State University. He works in our warehouse and assists the team wherever he is needed.

Preston loves to play and watch team sports.

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