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Antique Shop

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Antique Shop by Sung Kim - Who knows what you will find in this quant little antique shop...

My father, John Leon, was a lifelong collector of antiques and would never pass up the opportunity to visit every antique shop he passed.

Now you can paint this wonderful painting with our amazing paint by numbers kit from our Landscapes Collection.

Each Masterpiece By Numbers kit is produced with care and attention to produce a painting as close to the original artwork as possible. 

The peace and serenity of painting is time well spent in our hectic world. The joy of painting this expertly detailed canvas will only be matched by the beautiful painting you will create.

Includes Everything You Need To Complete Your Painting:

  • High quality linen canvas - you can start painting straight from the box.
  • Set of paintbrushes - custom made for our paint by numbers kits.
  • Individual paint pots - for every color in the painting so you don't need to mix any colors.

    Canvas Size: 16"x 20"

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© Artist: Sung Kim. Licensed By Bentley Licensing Group

Customer Reviews

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Loved it!

Came out so good! Had to go go back over some colors that were painting on light, but still was a lot of fun to do. I primered the canvas before painting and it helps the paint glide on more smoothly and evenly.

The Store of Antique Things

This was very fun to do. I see how some people like to change up the colors and add their own touches. I am going to do that on the next painting I do from MNB.

Antique store

This was a lot of fun to do. A great hobby and a good way to meditate. I did use leftover paints from a previous painting to change some of the colors. Particularly on the inside of the store.

Each one is more fun than the next

2020 has been such a tough year. But painting these beautiful masterpieces have been so helpful to me this year. Each one is more fun and I'm gaining more skills.

Another Great PBN's Painting

I managed to complete the Bookstore first back in April/May. I was to also get the Antiques PBN's at the same time but due to postal errors it was returned to Masterpiece. Then the Coronavirus cause shipping issues and I had to wait 3 months before my other paintings arrived, no fault of Masterpiece, a Post Office issue. During the waiting period I did 2 PBN's from China...not a good experience. I just completed the Antiques painting and once again smiling at the quality. The canvas is great, in fact I can't find anything bad to say about Masterpiece and the quality of material I received. Enjoyed this painting. Thanks Masterpiece. Verified Reviews Badge
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